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Standard fluorescent UV

Standard fluorescent UV

Ref: UV

Price: 6.50 Including VAT



Add UV Marker 85p + VAT £ 1.90 incl. VAT

Standard fluorescent UV lamp (includes an ordinary white-light torch).

The fluorescent lamp is the same as is used for banknote detectors, very effective - and very cheap because it's uses fluorescent lamp, and these are SO out of fashion, everyone wants LED lights nowadays!

The torch is at the end, it's just an ordinary torch with a light bulb.

Read all about how UV light works; see lots of photographs of what you will see with UV light, click here.

Note: this is a UV (ultra violet) lights, for ordinary (white light) lights click here.

Wavelength: unknown, probably about 365mn

Lamp: standard fluorescent tube.

Overall size 6.5 X 1.75 X 1.5 inches (165 X 45 X 35mm);
Tube size 5 X 5/8 inches (130mm X 15mm)

Power: four AA batteries

{More info, more pictures}

Click on the picture above, see the security markings on an old (pre-2017) twenty pound note, <Actinic:Variable Name = 'detail'/> To see a five pound note under each UV torch (which gives you a good idea as to how they compare) click here.


Similar quality, LED torch (smaller and neater), see UV-12.

The cheapest one that actually works (just about), see UV-9.