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Synthetic Diamond Screener by Presidium

Synthetic Diamond Screener by Presidium


Price: 649.00 Including VAT



10X20 loupe by QUICKTEST £27.50 incl. VAT

Gem ID Book (£25.00 instead of £29.50) - £25.00


(we order from Presidium regularly - about every six weeks)

Latest model, SDS II

Helps distinguish natural diamonds from synthetic diamonds. THIS IS NOT A DIAMOND "TESTER" - you must start with genuine diamonds, i.e. if you don't know if you have a diamond, test it on a diamond tester first.

Read all about the difference between synthetic and natural diamonds and how to test them, click here


download the brochure.


Very easy to use, one button, two lights

Works on any colourless diamond, any cut, any size from 0.02 carat to 10 carat

Quick response, warm-up 4 seconds, testing 2 seconds

Lasts for 2400 tests on one battery

"5mm bar" included, to raise the sensor for bulk testing (several stones per minute)

Size, 130 X 100 X 65mm

Weight, 210g

Accessories, carrying case with instruction booklet, USB cable and UK mains adaptor, batteries included.


If you are new to gemmology I recommend the book Gem Identification Made Easy. Not only is this a good guide to gemstones, it also has details of every gem tester, including hints, tips and advanced instructions. For more details of this book, click here - special discount price if you add a book when buying this item

Not as detailed, but good guide to gemstones, beautifully illustrated, is Gemstones.

The most basic item of equipment for any jeweller (and especially for buying diamond jewellery) is a jewellers loupe. The best loupe (apart from Zeiss) is the QUICKTEST 10X20, £27.50. Even a beginner will be able to see if a stone is scratched on top and chipped all around the edges (or the edges are worn smooth) or if it is full of bubbles - it will not be diamond, you will not need a diamond tester!