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Tool set for changing watch batteries

Tool set for changing watch batteries

Ref: toolset-batt

Price: 19.50 Including VAT



Soft leather zip-case measures 5 X 6 X 1.5 inches.


1 standard 2-prong adjustable opener for screw-backs. Also available individually click here.

1 large polishing cloth, 9 X 9 inches (we also have gold-polishing cloths, click here.)

1 opener for snap-back watches (Swiss knives also available, click here.)

1 scratch-brush for cleaning contacts Also available individually click here.

1 plastic tweezer for inserting the battery. Also available individually, click here.

1 Spring lug remover. Also available individually click here.

1 need-point tweezers, good for positioning screws. Also available individually click here.

3 screwdrivers. Many screws and screwdriver sets available, click here.


Screw-back opener: the smallest and neatest

Polishing cloth: you are probably charging your customer £7.50 for changing the battery, don't give the watch back covered in fingerprints!

Scratch-brush: if you go to all the trouble of changing the battery then find the watch doesn't work, it's probably because the battery contacts are dirty. A scratch-brush is essential for cleaning the contacts.

Plastic tweezers: metal tweezers can short-circuit the battery and reduce its life. That is why you get customers complaining that the manufacturers say a battery should last 3 to 5 years but it has only lasted two weeks - it's because you touched both terminals of the battery with metal tweezers.

Watch bar remover: one side is the 'prongs' for removing spring bars. The other side is a fine point for pushing them out in watches where there is a hole in the watch lug...for pushing the spring bar out. Do no use the point as hook, you will break it.

Needle-point tweezers: very fine, the only way to position those tiny screws

Screwdrivers: just screwdrivers.


Really tiny screws for battery contacts, click here.

Larger screws for cases, click here.

Please note, we are unable to find you individual screws, the cost of labour comes to more than buying a box of 500!

Battery contacts, click here. It's embarrassing when you're changing a battery and the tiny battery contact flies into the air, never to be seen again, and now you have to tell the customer that for the sake of 20p contact, they can't use their watch any more.

Small battery meter, click here - the smallest meter, it will fit in the tool set case.

A customer presents you with a battery you've never seen before. You probably have one, but you don't recognise the number. You need a battery gauge, click here.