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Tool set for opening backs of large watches

Tool set for opening backs of large watches

Ref: toolset-jumbo

Price: 32.50 Including VAT



Opening kit for all sizes of screw-back watch from 18mm diameter to 50mm diameter.

It solves the problem of how to open larger (in addition to standard size) watch backs; how to open them when they are too stiff to open (with the opener) just by holidng in your hands; and you get tweezers, a watchmaker's eyeglass and a good quality spring lug remover too - all in a fitted case.

- case opener for screw-back watches
- case holder
- box of attachments
- watchmaker's eyeglass
- double-ended prongs for changing spring bars

The pouch measures 8.5 inches (220mm) X 4 inches (100mm) X 1.4 inches (40mm).


Case holder, Overall size 110 X 70 X 40mm. not only opens small screw-backs (18mm) but also large watches, with the 'notches' on the back up to 43mm apart.

Case opener, 3-pronged adjustable opener with (in the separate box, pictured) four sets of fittings of various shapes. Will open watch backs from 18mm to 50mm diameter. Especially good for antique backs that tend to get stuck), will hold watches up to 50mm diameter. Also a box containing four sets of attachments, each for a different-shape notch.

Spring bar remover, this is the heavy-duty metal version

Eyeglass, standard watchmaker's eyeglass, 3X magnification

Tweezers, fine-point anti-acid stainless steel anti-magnetic

Screwdriver, good quality, 1.5mm flat-tip


Jumbo case opener
(also available individually, two sizes, click here. )

Jumbo case holder
(also available individually, two sizes, click here. )

Spring bar remover
(also available individually, click here. )

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(many other tweezers available, click here. )

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