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Tricky stick, gets superglue to stick to difficult surfaces. By DELUXE.

Tricky stick, gets superglue to stick to difficult surfaces. By DELUXE.

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Tricky stick, enables superglue to stick to difficult surfaces.

Decorative items can be lined. Lined with rubber, foam, polythene, polypropylene, nylon, vinyl…and once they start peeling they are nearly impossible to stick back down, using a few spots of superglue simply doesn't work. Brush with TRICKY STICK, then apply ROKET HOT or ROKET ODOURLESS. The TRICKY STICK will make the adhesives spread out (like oil on a non-stick pan) giving a large adhesive-area and resulting in a firm bond.

You can even try this with unknown materials, when you find that the adhesive won't work on its own.

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Brand: Deluxe

Quantity: 50ml

Mixing: no mixing required.

Application: there is a brush built into the lid.

Setting time: this is not an adhesive, this is a surface primer for difficult plastics.

Shelf life: 3 years providing it's kept tightly sealed, cool and dry


Ensure surfaces are dry and clean. Brush onto the shiny surfaces and allow to dry. Apply ROKET HOT or ROKET ODOURLES to one surface and quickly bring the two surfaces together, holding tightly until set.


As with all equipment and materials supplied by Quicktest, adhesives must be used in conjunction with the user's skill and experience. Under no circumstances shall Quicktest be liable for direct or indirect loss sustained in connection with any product. Please test adhesives on a low-value sample before using on a valuable antique.