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Tripod Adaptor, heavy duty

Tripod Adaptor, heavy duty

Ref: tripod-adapt-qtst

Price: 5.10 Including VAT


There are two sizes of tripod thread.

The larger size measures 3/8 inch, 9.35mm. It was used before the 1960s in Europe and America, up to the 1990s in Russia, and on most military equipment. Today, this size remains in use for heavy lighting equipment.

The smaller size is 1/4 inch, 6.35mm and fits modern binoculars and cameras.

The problem is when you have an old (military or Eastern European) item, you rush home fit it onto your tripod and it doesn't fit.

This is a heavy duty adaptor, suitable for large items such as brass gunsights.

Please see the picture:

- the screw (larger size) screws into the hole in the old item
- then hole (smaller size) should fit your modern tripod.

This is a very low value item. We have a minimum order charge of 7.50 (6.25 + VAT). Is this the only item you require? You may wish to buy more than one, or add some other items to the order.