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UV Banknote Checker

UV Banknote Checker

Ref: uv-note-checker

Price: 15.00 (Including VAT)


Standard fluorescent UV lamp.

The fluorescent lamp is the same as the previous item, but built into a shade so that overhead lights don't 'flood it out'.

Read all about how UV light works; see lots of photographs of what you will see with UV light, click here.

Note: this is a UV (ultra violet) lights, for ordinary (white light) lights click here.

Wavelength: unknown, probably about 365mn

Lamp: standard fluorescent tube.

Overall size 6.5 X 1.75 X 1.5 inches (165 X 45 X 35mm)
Tube size 5 X 5/8 inches (130mm X 15mm)

Power: mains only (4ft cable + plug included)

{More info, more pictures}

Click on the picture above, see the security markings on an old (pre-2017) twenty pound note, <Actinic:Variable Name = 'detail'/> To see a five pound note under each UV torch (which gives you a good idea as to how they compare) click here.


If you want one that is so powerful that you don't need the shade (and battery-operated, and far smaller than thhe uv-note-checker), then see UV-1.

Or for a cheap option, if you want to build your own shade, see UV light.