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UV light with white light torch (rechargeable)

UV light with white light torch (rechargeable)

Ref: uv-white

Price: 29.50 Including VAT



Optional USB adaptor


One end is a UV torch, the other end is an extraordinarily powerful ordinary (white light) torch.

Press the button once, the UV lights up to full power, press it again and the UV light switches to half power. Now hold the button down and the other end of the torch lights up to full power, and press it again and the white light switches to half power.

Built-in rechargeable batteries, USB lead included (charges from any computer, any portable device with a USB socket, or a USB adaptor). This is the most versatile model and the one to choose if you have use of an ordinary torch too. In fact, an ordinary torch is useful, you can shine it through porcelain and into vases, whereas UV light only reflects off the surface.

Read all about how UV light works; see lots of photographs of what you will see with UV light, click here.

Each light has a full-brightness and half-brightness setting.

UV Wavelength: 365nm

White light: 4W, 480 lumens

Size: 140mm (5.5 inches)long X 27mm (under 1 inch) diameter.

Power: built-in rechargeable battery, charger included, one charge gives 3 hours of use on full power or 8 hours of use on half power.

Operation: press the button once for bright light, a second time to dim the light, hold it down for five seconds to switch between UV light and white light.

{More info, more pictures}

Click on the picture above, see the security markings on an old (pre-2017) twenty pound note, <Actinic:Variable Name = 'detail'/> To see a five pound note under each UV torch (which gives you a good idea as to how they compare) click here.


See the UV-100. It doesn't have an ordinary (white light) funtion, but it's the brightest of all the UV torches.