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Ultrasonic, large (2L tank)

Ultrasonic, large (2L tank)

Ref: US-2L-J

Price: 79.50 Including VAT


Large ultrasonic cleaner, model James Products 8020

For cleaning dozens of small items of jewellery (or one or two large necklaces) at a time.

For regular use in a busy retail shop or small jewellery workshop.

Guarantee, one year.


Has a heater.

Degas mode (like a 'pre-wash mode') to remove bubbles and enhance the cleaning action.

Small enough to sit on a desk or workbench (perhaps a little large for a shop counter).

Removable lid for easy access.

Removable plastic basket.


Overall construction: plastic

Tank construction: steel with a removable steel mesh tray, easy to remove to retrieve the items. Removable lid.

Overall size: 10½ X 9 X 7 inches

Tank: 2 litre (7 X 6 X 3 inches).

Timer: adjustable in 5mns steps from 5mns to 30mns.

Heater: yes (with 'overheat' safety feature)

Power: 160W

{Limitations / Disclaimer}

Although an ultrasonic cleaner is amazing at cleaning, removing the most ingrained of dirt, it does not polish the item afterwards (one customer complained bitterly that they had cleaned an item several times but it was no shinier than when they started).

Take care with gemstones, some can be damaged if cleaned in an ultrasonic (all equipment must be used in conjunction with the user's skill, knowledge and experience, under no circumstances shall QUICKTEST be liable for direct or indirect loss sustained in connection with any item).


For metals only (gold, silver, platinum, copper...any metal) add a spot of detergent and a spot of household ammonia. Better (and gentler,especially for gemstones) is to buy a 1 litre canister of ready-mixed ammonia-free cleaning liquid. - but some gemstones should not be cleaned in an ultrasnoic (see "Limitations/disclaimer).

Place the jewellery in the tank, ideally, the items should not touch each other, so place them well apart or clean each item individually.

Set the timer, remove and dry the jewellery.

For more detailed instructions. see HOW TO USE ULTRASONIC CLEANERS.