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We buy

What we want

What we want

Anything we sell we also buy, be it one-offs, job-lots, new or secondhand.

We are especially interested in optics:
- binoculars always wanted (any age, any size, any condition, any quantity)
- microscopes usually wanted (more interested in good quality modern microscopes)
- telescopes often wanted (handheld only, not if they are large / mounted)
- also wanted, old (wartime) gunsights, curious lens assemblies
- gem testers (refractometers, polariscopes, dichroscopes, spectroscopes)

Visit the QUICKTEST stand at a fair, call at the office or send items by post. To encourage items by post we have a policy of paying by return-of-post, but please do telephone first to make sure that it will be worthwhile.
We buy. Post the item (payment by return). Or visit us (we can pay by cash).

We buy. Post the item (payment by return). Or visit us (we can pay by cash).

If you are selling on behalf of your business you don't need to read the remainder of this page - you invoice us (invoice must have your VAT number if we are to pay you VAT), we pay by cheque or bank transfer.

For everyone else (including most antiques traders and secondhand dealers), please read on.

If you are selling by post you must include a letter listing the items and explaining that they are for sale. Either include your bank details and we will transfer the money, or we can we can send you a cheque.

If you are calling in person we will fill in a purchase slip and you will sign it and write your name and address. If the amount is more than nominal you will require identification (see below). We may be very eager to buy what you have, you may have travelled hundreds of miles, but if you don't have identification as listed below, we cannot buy from you. Payment by cash, bank transfer or cheque, your choice.

When we buy at a fair from a trader (i.e. we have visited your stand) and the amount is more than nominal we fill in a purchase slip with the amount and your stand number (or car registration number), you sign - that's all. We find that 99% of stallholders don't mind doing this, they say that it is a good idea, they don't have to write out a receipt, all they do is sign on the dotted line. 


For callers (you visit us in person) we require two documents. 

The first document must contain your photograph and / or signature and must be traceable, for instance:

Cheque guarantee card / credit card / debit card
Bank / Building Society / National Savings book
Store Account Card (embossed, not a loyalty card)
Passport (any nationality)
Work Photo Pass if the company is nationally-known (so well-known that everyone has heard of it, not just the workers in your local town)

Examples of documents we cannot accept: travel pass, store loyalty card, membership card for a club, gym, wholesaler etc.
Please remember, the document must have your photograph and / or signature.

The second document must be proof of address and must be no more than three months old, for instance:

Paid utility bill (not a mobile phone bill or store / charge card bill)
Full driving license (must be accompanied by the counterpart driving licence D740 which is issued with the card)
Credit card / bank / Building Society statement
Council Tax payment book
Council rent book

Examples of documents we cannot accept: personal letters, catalogues, circulars or any other un-dated, un-addressed or general literature

Please note that the identification must belong to you, the person who is selling the goods, even if you are selling on someone else's behalf.