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Wearable magnifier with 7 pairs of lenses

Wearable magnifier with 7 pairs of lenses

Ref: binocmag-watchmaker


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Like a large pair of spectacles with slots for the 7 pairs of lenses supplied.

Large choice of magnifications up to 25X.

You can slot two pairs of lenses in each side, which gives a total of 21 different magnifications to choose from (see "Technical).

Bright adjustable light with a choice of two filters.

Works well as a binocular magnifier (i.e. you can use both eyes and have stereo vision) up to 3X magnification.

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I call it "binocmag-watchmaker" because the magnifiers are watchmakers' eyeglasses, but there is such a large choice of magnifications that you can use this for nearly anything where you have to get very close.

The weakest strength gives you about 70mm working distance (good for using tools, too close for reading books); the strongest gives (according to the chart) 20mm working distance (though it's actually nearer to 10mm).


As a BINOCULAR magnifier to give stereo vision, it just about works using the weakest (3X) pair of lenses.

If you want something 'powerful' that gives proper stereo vision and a working distance of more than a couple of inches, the only option is the surgeon's-type magnifiers (£200.00 to £400.00, maximum magnification 6X).

Alternatively, I would recommend the binocmag-01H - it is comfortable to wear (large headband) and there are 5 pairs of lenses giving magnifications 1.1X to 3.5X. Alternatively, the binocmag-1003 which also feature a huge low-power 'visor'. These don't sound as spectacular as "up to 25X magnification" but they work best as a binocular magnifiers, giving stereo vision and a long working distance.


Two adjustable LED lights (choice of filters, yellow or orange)

Powered by 3 AAA batteries, supplied

Using just one lens in each side of the magnifier gives a choice of 3X 4X, 5X, 6X, 7X, 10X or 15X.

Or by combining the lenses (you can slot two pairs in each side) you can get the following magnifications:

Combine 3X with 5X to give 8X
Combine 3X with 6X to give 9X
Combine 5X with 6X to give 11X
Combine 5X with 7X to give 12X
Combine 6X with 7X to give13X
Combine 10X with 4X to give 14X
Combine 10X with 6X to give 16X
Combine 10X with 7X to give 17X
Combine 15X with 3X to give18X
Combine 15X with 4X to give 19X
Combine 15X with5 X to give 20X
Combine 15X with 6X to give 21X
Combine 15X with 7X to give 22X
Combine 15X with 10X to give 25X


As a BINOCULAR magnifier to give stereo vision, it just about works using the weakest (3X) pair of lenses, though even at that strength it hurts to focus both eyes together.

So what's the point of 21 differrent magnifications, right up to 25X, if only the weakest gives stereo vision?
There is a point! -
I once went to a watchmaker class. Sometimes I'd need 3X magnification and sometimes 10X. So I got my optician to make me spectacles with one side 3X and tother 10X, so that I could switch magnifications instantly, simply by closing one eye and opening the other.

Those spectacles cost me over £100.00. I can honestly say that I would have used this magnifier instead. The problem was - this was all a long time ago and this magnifier hadn't been invented.

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