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Zeiss 6X

Zeiss 6X


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6X20 Zeiss loupe.

This is the loupe I carry in my pocket. I use it for general work (viewing tiny marks, fitting really small screws, checking components), I like it because it's the largest size and the clearest image and I don't need anything more powerful, I just want that combination of size and quality.

We do also have the 10X Zeiss (smaller than this 6X), click here to see it and also the double Zeiss (same diameter lens as this 6X), click here to see it

Not so many people buy this 6X by mail because it's "only 6X magnification". However, at the exhibitions, whenever someone asks, "Which Zeiss loupes do you have?", I show them all three models (without telling them the magnification), they try them out, and most of the time they choose this one - the 6X.

Read all about magnification and how to choose a magnifier, click here. - includes details of how magnification is calculated and why Zeiss keep changing the way they calculate it.

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Magnification / lens size in mm: 6X20

Lens material: plastic

Lens type: triplet.

Type: jewellers' loupe (small, pocket-size, folds into its plastic casing)

Origin / brand: genuine Zeiss by Carl Zeiss Vision Ltd (the old "West German" Zeiss, not to be confused with the lesser quality "East German" brand of Zeiss Jena).

Casing: plastic

Finish: cream and grey

Presentation / extras: printed box

{Applications / Quality}
A general purpose magnifier, from viewing tiny marks to fitting really small parts, to examining the quality of components or the markings on PCBs, to looking at stamps and coins, checking watch movements, enlarging small areas of prints of photographs.... This is the one I, personally, carry with me.

Much as I think 6X magnification is good enough (assuming it's top-quality!) for most uses, I would not choose this for looking at the very faint inclusions you find in diamonds and gemstones; it would not be powerful enough to see the laser-engraving on the girdle of a diamond, or the detail on a small insect - for all of these applications see our 10X loupes

If you want the absolute best, there are two other models of Zeiss, click here to see it

and also the double Zeiss (same diameter lens as this 6X), click here to see it