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Zoom spectacles, options

Zoom spectacles, options

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If you wear spectacles for close-up, and if you have need more than one pair of prescription spectacles, replace them with Eyejusters - you can vary the magnification ('zoom') by turning two small dials, discretely positioned just inside the frame. Unlike varifocals ('progressives') you can use the full lens.

If you do not wear spectacles, use these simply as a zoom magnifier for close-up jobs.

What is unique about these is the focus mechanism. Instead of two lenses an inch apart, which makes you look as if you are wearing binoculars, these look like ordinary spectacles, and the focus dials are not visible from the outside.

Not only can you vary the magnification to suit the job, but each lens has its own focus, which means they work for anyone whose prescription is different in each eye (that's nearly everyone!)

Alternative item: we can make you spectacles any magnification of your choosing.


Magnification from 0.5D to 4D (that's 1.1X to 2X magnification). For those with normal vision this gives a working distance of about arms-length (at 1.1X) to about six inches (at 2X).

Individual eye focus.

Two styles, gun-metal or black.


My own prescription isn't particularly strong but I still have five pairs of glasses:
- one for the desktop comptuer (just over arms-length)
- one for the laptop (just uder arms-length)
- one for general reading (a comfortable 10 to 14 inches)
- one for very close reading (really tiny print)
- one for super-close work such as changing watch batteries

I do concede, here, that most people don't bother with so many different pairs of glasses they just struggle. For instance, if you have to move your computer monitor uncomfortably close, or if you find yourself holding a book just too far away to read easily, or if you can 'manage fine' but tend to read slowly or can't quite manage very fiddly close-up jobs.

With Eyejusters I now just need one pair, and I tweak the focus to suit the job.

{Compared with varifocals}

I once spent £350.00 on varifocals only to find that the 'magnification' area for reading was 2mm at the bottom of the lens. It was fine for an emergency such as reading a menu in a restaurant (though even that was a struggle) but it was useless for reading books or newspapers.

I asked my optician about this and she said, "Oh, most people can't read using varifocals, they just don't get on with them".

I object to this logic: that there is nothing wrong with the lenses, the fault is with you - you don't get on with them! And for many people it's worse, varifocals simply make them dizzy and they can't use them at all.

With Eyejusters you get a full lens for effortless vision, and you adjust the magnification using two tiny dials just inside the frame.


Q. I wear glasses and each of my eyes has a difference prescription. Can I use these?
A. Yes, there are two focus knobs, one for each lens, so you adjust each side to suit each eye.

Q. Can I adjust them to be in focus from very close-up to far distance?
A. No. These are for close-up.

Q. I'm a watchmaker / engineer working on very tiny items, would these be suitable?
A. They might be. But if you are working on really tiny items you might need a different type of magnifier, see our standard binocular magnifiers or our long-working-distance surgeon's magnifiers.

Q. I'm partially sighted, there is no standard spectacle lens that works for me, what do you suggest?
A. We have special spectacle-magnifiers (fixed magnification not zoom), there are two versions, , for close-up or for watching TV