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20X inspection loupe for laser inscriptions on diamonds

20X inspection loupe for laser inscriptions on diamonds

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20X12 triplet loupe on a stand that holds a ring.

Normally I advise against 20X loupes, they are too strong and unnecessary, and they are too fiddly to focus.

None of that applies to this loupe!

A very rare use for a 20X loupe is to read some laser-engraved serial numbers on the edge (girdle) of a diamond - some of these are simply too small to see with 10X magnification, it is necessary to use 20X. Under normal circumstances focusing a 20X is painful, you move it 2mm too close to the object or 2mm too far way, and it goes out of focus.

Not so here - because the holder is designed to hold a ring so that the diamond is exactly parallel to the lens. You then turn the base to focus, then rotate the platform to get the best view.

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{Laser engraving}

A customer called at the office, concerned about the certificate that came with his diamond, and unable to see the laser-engraving. Looking through this 20X loupe we were both confident that there was no laser-engraved number (the number that was meant to match his certificate). He took it back to the shop, and later emailed us the following:

"I went back to the shop… Initially they looked at the diamond with their eye loupes and after a time they were indeed scratching their heads. They then spent some time using their microscope… After taking the ring its mount and after around 30 mins they were able to read the etched number using a 50 times setting on their electronic microscope. It was through micro adjustment and patience that the first half of the number could be read then a tweak to read the second half of the number, This was unsually small and they showed me other etchings on other rings which would be seen by a standard Loupe."

I don't know how common it is for laser-engraving to be this small, neither do I know which electronic microscope they were using or why it took them so long to see the number.

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