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Hardness tester (11 test samples)

Hardness tester (11 test samples)

Ref: hardness-2

Price: 92.50 Including VAT


Set of ften hardness testers.

8 hardness picks (!pencils") from No.2 to No.9.
1 Glass plate (hardness 5.5)
1 Brtass plate (hardness 3.5)

1 streak plate (to test a mineral's streak colour)
1 magnet
1 polishing stone to keep the tips sharp

Each 'pencil' has a tip of a different hardness from No.5 to No.9 on the Moe scale of hardness (see 'Further Information').

{What does it detect?}

{Is it easy to use?}

See which will scratch your sample and which will not.

Out in the field, use them for testing minerals, though do remember that hardness varies from sample to sample, and it can also be different in different directions.

Out in the field, use them for testing minerals, no problem, but on cut gemstone (jewellery) the procedure is slightly different. You scratch the customer's stone, the customer sues you. In other words, do not use these on cut gemstones. Many people buy these for testing gemstones in jewellery and say, "I'll be careful". OK, I can only give my personal opinion: it is not a good idea to use these on cut gemstones (i.e. jewellery).

{Further information}
For detailed instructions of how to use all gem testers seeclick here.

The full Moe scale goes like this:

1 Talk
2 Gypsum
3 Calcite
4 Fluorite
5 Apatite
6 Orthoclase
7 Quartz
8 Topaz
9 Corundum
10 Diamond