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Sample pack of 10 different magnets

Sample pack of 10 different magnets

Ref: Sample-magnet-pack

Price: 12.50 (Including VAT)


Not sure which magnet to buy?
Here is a sample pack of nine different magnets for just £13.99 including VAT:

Three small neodymium magnets:

Neodymium, 5mm thick X 5mm diameter

Neodymium, 4mm thick X 7mm diameter
(ref. Mag-sp-neo-4X7)

Neodymium, 3 X 4 X 20mm
(ref. Mag-sp-neo-3X4X20)

Two medium-size neodymium magnets:

Magnet, neodymium, 9mm diameter X 18mm tall

Neodymium, 10 thick X15mm diameter
(ref. Mag-sp-neo-10X15)

Four iron magnets:

Iron, 8X4mm
(ref. mag-sp-fe-8X4)

Iron 20x10mm
(ref. mag-sp-fe-20X10)

Iron, 47 X 22 X 10mm
(ref. mag-sp-fe-47X22X10)

Iron, encased in white plastic with hook, 30mm diameter X 5mm thick
(ref. mag-sp-fe-30x5(hook))
(This one is not in the photograph)

Free Gift

Another magnet. We have quite a few 'odd' sizes, not enough of each to merit putting on the web site, we will find you a nice one.