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Zeiss double loupe, best of all the large loupes

Zeiss double loupe, best of all the large loupes


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10X20 Zeiss loupe. Two lenses on top of each other, approx. 6X and approx 3X magnification, can be used individually or combined to give approx. 9X...or, more likely, 10X magnification.

As a 10X, this really is the best quality of all the large loupes (possibly along with the 10X20 Eschenbach, ref.eschcomb). Whenever I get a sample of a new loupe that is meant to be "the best" I compare it with this one, then I sigh and concede that this Zeiss is still the best on the market.

This is most definitely the best of all the loupes. Is it worth the extra money? Well, I suppose if you want the actual very best, then yes - but only you can decide. Or you may wish to go for their smaller model, click here.

Read all about magnification and how to choose a magnifier, click here. - includes details of how magnification is calculated and why Zeiss keep changing the way they calculate it.
There are also reviews of loupes, click here

Magnification / lens size in mm: 10X20*

Lens material: plastic

Lens type: Unknown, probably a triplet.

Type: jewellers' loupe (small, pocket-size, folds into its plastic casing)

Origin / brand: genuine Zeiss by Carl Zeiss Vision Ltd (the old "West German" Zeiss, not to be confused with the lesser quality "East German" brand of Zeiss Jena).

Casing: plastic

Finish: cream and grey

Presentation / extras: printed box

* they used to quote the magnification as 6.66X with 3.33X = 9.99X combined; then they decided . But now they call "3x+6x=9x". It's the same loupe, and I call it "approx. 10X".

{Applications / Quality}
Generally, loupes are used by jewellers and antiques traders for looking at very small marks; by horologists and engineers for inspecting very small parts; by stamp and coin dealers; as a basic field instrument for biologists and geologists.

Specifically, this is the best quality...ever.

Every now and again I compare this with another 'best' loupe, and I sigh, and I say to myself, "Yes, Zeiss is still the best". If you want the best quality, then I don't have a suggestion for an alternative. If you want a lesser quality, then chose anything else.